Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shrunken Punk

Most everyone remembers panty hose dolls. Your mom used to sit around the kitchen table making sweet little old lady faces. Or maybe you remember your Granny or aunt sewing them, or maybe even you made one or two yourself many years ago.
Well get ready for a different spin on the traditional panty hose heads!
Shrunken Punks are 100% hand sewn. Each stitch lends chracter and personality and no 2 are EVER the same. The little eyes are very carfully handpainted to full veinyness.
Most Punks have a fine mane of luxurious hair but some got the short cut. They are rare but I have even been making little pirates with stylin beards!

Whhhhhhat? Only 5 dollars you say???
Spooky Daddy Etsy

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