Friday, March 13, 2009

specimen7 and creatures from another world.

Hello! I'm a new member to the Monsters team, and I'm delighted to be here.

I make polymer clay monsters. The fiction behind them is that they were found in the basement of the late widow of a scientist(Dr. Charles Ellis) known for his research into other worlds - and bequeathed to the Center for OtherWorld Science.

The Center of OtherWorld Science is dedicated to researching and classifying the specimens found in the basement of the Ellis estate, despite the fact that Dr. Ellis' work was discredited during his life time.

So far, the Center's research has been inconclusive, due to incompetent management and lack of funding.

Here are some of the specimens which have been found so far -

There are more at the Specimen7 Etsy store, where the Center for OtherWorld Science is putting specimens up for sale to fund their research.


Ang said...

Hey Specimen 7! I'm a huge new fan! So honored to be here with you now.

I did notice a very misleading typo. The word 'fiction' somehow got in there... I don't understand. I was very intrigued by these specimens and the mysteries behind them.

Good luck with the continual unearthing of more valuable specimens!

Ang said...

P.S. I made a treasury today featuring the Wonderfully Weird... Specimen7 has a pair of critters in it!

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

OMG I looove your creativity! I giggled all the way through! Love your work!
Green Meadow Lane
Classically Chic Boutique

Chloe's Creatures said...

Wow, these are fantastic, I have never seen something like these before, you have a new fan!