Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shoe Heads!

First, my apologies for not being as active with this blog as I could be. I'll blame it on the monsters...

Second, I have been making these "Shoe Heads" or mini-mask wall hanging sculptures. The base is the cardboard form that sometimes comes inside of a new shoe. Having no budget for new shoes, I head to the local shoe store, Paul's Shoes here in Chestertown, MD. They normally recycle these in the curbside bins with the paper recycling, but hand them over for me to give them a bit of new life. You could approach your local shoe store if you are interested in using these as an art material!

Also, I've started using another by-product of the shoe industry, suede scraps from a moccasin company. Pictured is one of my recent 'babies'. I also have some of the earlier ones in my artfire shop. Others I have made have sold well locally, and I occasionally list a few in my etsy shop as well.

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