Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Addictive stuff to Krakk up your day!

Hey Monster Team! 
We just wanted to say thank you for accepting our request to join your fab team and contribute to your blog and thus publish our first post. We are new to Etsy and are just taking our first baby steps in getting to know this great community of artists and crafters. 
We specialize in little Krakk monsters and couch parasites. Whether they are big, small, weird or ugly we love them all and hope you will too. They are all handcrafted in Reykjavik, Iceland by 2 awesome chicks that give them all the love and care they need to find a new home and even travel in envelopes and boxes across the sea to greet their new families. 
We are also doing some accessories for the ladies and the guys who dare to wear them. 
We are always trying to add new stuff continously and are currently working on more couch parasites, small and big and a new line of mini plush monsters for your car, your home or wherever you wish to hang them. 
So keep checking us out. 
Here are just a few samples of Krakk monsters that have found loving homes and our new line of couch parasites. 
Thanx again!

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