Thursday, August 16, 2007


Prairiebird, besides having a hard name for me to spell, has oodles of critters in thier shop. Self-titled tree huggers, they offer a generous donation of 10% of sales to Nature Conservancy of Canada. While I haven't seen the actual prairiebird compound, I picture it a scenic area, with trees, birds, bugs and monsters roaming peacfully through the beautiful Canadian countryside, while a nearby artist sketches, sews and photographs the lovelies.
Prairie bird uses as much recycled materials as she can. Wool, leather, acrylic, buttons etc...The materials used would otherwise have gone to a landfill where is would have sat for way longer than it should, encased in garbage. See? You are actually saving the ill-fated materials at the same time that you get fun things for yourself and your cat.
Priarie Bird also has a new website, Please go look at the website and the Etsy shop to view these really cool, highly useful monsters fromt eh priarie bird compound!
And the answers to the monstery questions....

1. Why monsters?

Mostly because they're so fun, what with the many eyes and the big sharp teeth... the decay and the brain eating... the many colours and shapes.

2. Do you have them in cages or are they free-range?

Most of them are so bitey they must be kept in cages, but there are a select few that live free with us.

3. What was your first truly memorable monster experience?

Gremlins. I really love a small but mighty monster.

4. what is your favorite kind of monster?

The kind that are all little and deceptive. They look like they'd make a nice pet until you get closer and they eat your face. Also, monsters with cleverly poor english grammar.

5. what do you like to feed them?

Brains and herbs.

6. who is your role monster?

The rat-monkey from Dead Alive.

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