Saturday, August 4, 2007

Who The Heck Are You?

Hello fellow monsters!

skeletaldropkick asked us to "introduce"

Welcome to Wicked Fascinations!
Come inside and join us for the ride!

Wicked Fascinations is a division of Craigers, LLC - a company I started in my brother's name in 2007. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Craig J. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund - created to sponsor a child in the Academy Of The Company Theatre, located in Norwell, MA, where my brother was active in the 1990's. If there's anything left over, I will donate to the Compassionate Friends, who have helped me cope with suddenly being an only sibling.

I make everything myself, except the stained glass pieces which are made by our Dad. I don't really have any one medium that I stick to...I just sort of do whatever pops into my head.

ANYHOO...onward to the important questions...

1. Why montsers?
I have no choice. They live in my head and control my mind.

2. Do you have them in cages or are they free-range?
Silly human...THEY run the show here and are kind enough to let ME out of my cage...long enough to create more minions for them.

3. What was your first truly memborable monster experience?
The come to me constantly in my dreams, so I can't remember them all, but I'm sure it was something pleasantly horrible.

4. what is your favorite kind of monster
The kind that won't eat me! Seriously though, I go back and forth between silly and spooky, though I'm greedy and prefer to have BOTH when I can. :)

5. what do you like to feed them?
anything but myself.

6. who is your role monster?
Vampires and children of the night....what music they make...

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