Friday, August 14, 2009

Art Update in "ranzangel land"

Hi fellow monster makers and monster art fans,

The latest monsters I've made reside within the textured green walls of these two paintings. I doodled the sea creatures on regular computer paper while on the phone, then put them in a little box I have of such things that I use later for collage. These are collaged acrylic paintings on hand stretched canvas. I made them with an exhibit theme in mind which was 'Green' - artist's inspirations and perpectives on the color and the concept (as in environmental.)

The concept I considered while making these was our continuing discovery of sea creatures and species of all kinds that we previously didn't even know existed. The diversity of creatures on this planet is phenomenal, yet we continue to pollute and endanger. We learn every day that there is much about the delicate balance that we don't truly understand or respect. There is much we can do to protect the 'unknown' (and I don't just mean sea monsters... I mean our great grandchildren and their pet goldfish and such.)

These two fellows are titled "Friend of the Deep" and "Friends in Green". They hung at Artworks Gallery here in Chestertown, MD during the month of June. Now they are happily awaiting their new homes via etsy and will make an outing to Art in the Park Chestertown in September if they are still with me. Thanks for looking!

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