Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monsters -- Back to School

These monsters are rested and ready to go back to school.

First, this monster pouch is just the right size for your pens, pencils and calculator. Or, it would also be perfect for your Nintendo DS game platform. It's just big enough for the platform, and a few games. There's even a skinny pocket on the back for games, ear buds, more pencils, or small pad of paper (shown).

For something smaller, this happy monster wraps around a mini-composition book that will keep all of your dates, notes and to-do lists safe. Or, use it as a journal to write down your dreams and fantasies. Don't worry -- this monster will never tell.

For these, and more happy, helpful monsters, please visit ArtsiBitsi.

1 comment:

Leigh George Kade said...

Nice! Looking at your stuff made my kids just a TINY bit less dreadful about school!