Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FurFright wants your monsters!

FurFright is a Halloween themed anthropomorphics convention in Waterbury October 17th-19th. They are currently seeking submissions to their conbook, panelists, and donations to the charity auction.

The con book showcases Halloween themed anthropomorphic art and writing. Around 900 copies of the conbook will be produced. They're also looking for ACEO sized artwork for their convention badges.
Guidelines for art submission. Written work must be 1000 words or LESS. full written work guidelines

As to panels, they're looking for people to give a presentation/workshop on something vaguely on the convention's topic. So anything art, Halloween, or animal themed.

I normally run a panel for the Rage CCG where I teach folks to play. I've also done panels on getting started with sculpture and creating art for collectible card games.

Some examples of panels from past conventions:
Dance Dance Revolution tournament (including competing in costume), Performing in Costume, Intro to Puppetry, Creating Historical Costumes, Drawing and Painting Fur, Mythology of the Wolf & Werewolf, Design Tattoos, Everything you wanted to know about Ferrets as Pets, Palm Reading, Writing Realistic Characters, and Frankenfursuit (like Project Runaway, but creating hideous monster costumes on a deadline).

So everything from how-to panels to keeping unusual pets. If you want to show off your stuff, or your unusual critters, you can sign up to be a panelist here

They are also seeking donations to the charity auction which will benefit New Leash on Life of Stratford and Pays De L’ours (French only) which is seeking to save the last 20 Pyranese brown bears. Want to donate something? Contact Riismo at auction2008 AT furfright DOT org

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This weekend!

If you live in the Baltimore/DC area you should come to Shore Leave this weekend! Its gonna be totally rad and I have some BRAND NEW STUFF to sell, so come check it out!