Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Ode to Autumn

How much do we love Autumn? Let us count the ways!

1: The temperatures are cooler, we don't have to wear clothes! Worgies do not understand the human need for clothing anyway, but are compelled to wear pants when it is hot outside. Don't ask! It's a monster thing!

2: The trees are about to change color! While mere human eyes might delight to the color show, imagine what all of that looks like to a Cyke Tyke? Even better, imagine what that looks like to Cyke Tyke Mike? While on a hike? Or on a Trike!

3: Curly Hair is Cool Again! Zombies with curly hair suffer all summer. It's bad enough having an insatiable hunger for brainy snacks; the curly-headed undead have to deal with thick mattes of sweat producing hair, too!