Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vase coins and tokens! Joy!!

What are vase coins? they are little ceramic tokens wiht neat little designs on them. They go into your clear vase to make thigns looks nice and nifty. You can also trade them with friends and slip them inot someone's pocket. Or maybe your friend's car, or on a birthday cake or glue them to your forhead. So many options! yipee! Find them at my
shop on
this page.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New figure every night at 7:30pm (PST)

I will be listing a new figure every night at 7:30ish PST on my
Etsy store
. PLease sto by and check them out!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hello hello all you monster lovers out there! Bad Luck Betsy here, from Dotted with Hearts. I will be at the 2nd annual Lancaster Punk Rock Flea Market, at the Chameleon Club on Water Street, October 6, 11am-4pm. Anyone in that area is strongly encouraged to come! It's always a good time!

Plus i added some sweet new things to my etsy shop!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Junk On Wicked Fascinations!

We have been very busy over here at WICKED FASCINATIONS! My Dad has made a couple of Halloween sun catchers:

Halloween Pumpkin

and the Friendly Ghost

and I made Gourdon The Happy Pumpkin! (pictured above)

There are several new non-Halloweeny items as well.

and....stay tuned for the MOROSE FAMILY dolls!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Uh-oh... triplets?!

Poor Momma Sydocian. Can you imagine the shock when the doctor told her it wasn't just one... nor two... but THREE little Sydocians?

Moe is yellow and full of mischief. He likes to hide his brother and sister's bottles when it's feeding time. His favorite pastime is chewing on the corner of his blankie.

Joe is blue and quite as can be. Never a peep comes from Joe. Not even when he needs a diaper change. Most of the time he's used as a pillow by his siblings.

And little Jane Doe, pink as can be... by the time Momma had made it to her, she was out of names. But regardless, she's got enough personality for 100 names!

Adopt all three of these little Sydocians into your home today! Just make sure to keep an eye on 'em... two's trouble... but three's insane!

Moe is 3" tall and 2" wide. Joe is 2" tall and 2" wide. And Jane Doe is 2 1/2" tall and 2" wide.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Skeletaldropkick at Deep Art Yoga in Sacramento

I will have a table and a bunch of my stuff out for the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Downtown Sacramento this Saturday the 9th. I will be out in front of
(2030 H Street, Sacrmanto, 916.448.DEEP) from about 6pm to around 9:30pm with about 15 other artists. Please come by and check out all the art! It will be much fun....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Even My WOW Characters Worry about Zombies

This design started as a joke about the future of online marketing, but it was so cute that I had to make it into something.

It says, "Even my level 10 gnomish rogue worries about zombies" and has a screenshot of a friend's World of WarCraft character wearing one of my 'Sometimes I Worry about Zombies' shirts.

Seen here on a postcard sized refrigerator magnet.

Perfect gift for the geek who loves gaming and zombies and funny things.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

some day we will all be ghosts

I made these cards after writing the blog post below. They say:

"Some day we will all be ghosts.

Let's live now before we can't anymore.
Let's knit a scarf and eat strawberries.

Let's ride the bus and think of the beauty of the lonely.

Let's go now, before we are ghosts."

I think the message is sad and happy at once. I heart ghosts.
The bus ride to Paula's house is a good 27 minutes. Maybe a little less.

At first it is lonely. I look around and there are no small children who need me to pick them up. I laugh out loud at this. No one cares about me and it is sad, but still interesting. Before I had kids, I never would have been lonely on a bus. I think of my brother, 3,000 miles away. He is in an office all alone again and I can feel his loneliness. I can hear it jump from the screen of his email that starts, "Hey sister."

Our sister's house has a ghost. At least one. There might be two. I wonder if she can lend one to our brother. How do you mail a ghost? I was thinking of faxes this morning. No one faxes anymore, but think about how 100 years ago, it would have seemed like magic. Like real magic. Like evil. And now, faxes are quaint. I will invent a ghost fax machine and I will fax my brother one of my sister's ghosts. And the ghost will keep him company during his long days at work, all alone.

Why do we all sit at desks all day? Some day we will be ghosts, so let's live now before we can't anymore. Let's take the bus to a friend's house and knit a scarf and eat strawberries. Let's ride the bus and think of the beauty of the lonely. - tina seamonster on

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New item! Just in time for school!

Ever want that extra pal during an exam that'll be right there cheering you on? Or even better, one to help you solve that quadratic equation? Or how about a good buddy that'll check your grammar as you write? Or just someone to stick behind your ear? Then the PENCIL TOPPER CRITTER is just what you need! Only $5 (for pencil and critter both)!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

No, it's not last night's left-overs.

Do you like surprises? REALLY, REALLY big surprises?!

If you said no, hit your back button now.

If you said yes, then keep on reading! Do we have something exciting in store for you!

Introducing... *drum roll please*... Adopt-a-Critter's Critter Surprise!!

Critter Surprise works like this: When you purchase a one-time subscription to Critter Surprise, you'll receive one critter at your doorstep. "What kind of critter?" you may be asking yourself.


You won't know what your critter looks like, how he/she acts nor how they smell until you open your box and find 'em nestled safely in their temporary dwelling.

*Xanax not included.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Feed Your Cat's Inner Zombie

New from Prairie Bird Designs, HUMAN BRAIN recycled leather cat toy!Stitched by hand with fuchsia thread, this recycled leather cat toy is stuffed full o' organic catnip. Available here.

A first post introduction.

First of all, thanks Cris for the lovely invite!

Secondly, hi.

I make monsters, as you all may have guessed. I call 'em critters, though. I have a wide-variety of the little guys... and, in some cases, gals. If you like felt, got it. Fleece? Yup. Fur? Oh baby!

I'm currently gearing up for a huge "fall collection." (That makes me feel so designer.) So for the time being, I won't be adding many NEW faces. I'll be basically trying to clear out my current stash of felts and furs and fleeces (oh my!) to make room for my new stuff coming in mid-September. Which means one thing--clearance sales!

My monsters may not be hardcore, but by golly... they make a killer hot cocoa!

Go meet 'em today!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Zombie Plague Holiday Cards!

Before you know it, the holiday season will be here. Now, I know you haven't sent out holiday cards for like 5 years because they are all lame, right? I think I have fixed your problem. meet the Zombie Plague Holiday Card set!

They say, "This time next year, you will be fighting the zombie plague, so enjoy this holiday season while you can." The inside is blank for your well-wishes. Perfect if you haven't sent holiday cards in years. Perfect for your post-goth lifestyle. Perfect for the blue haired girl.

Perfect to send to granny? Maybe not.

Check them out at my etsy shop!

BRAAINS. zombie pencil case

Just in time for school - your very own zombie pencil case! Fashioned from recycled leather, reused buttons and fancy black snaps, this pencil case is sure to add that touch of death that every school bag needs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Fair! The Fair!

Yes, yes. It is time for the GOLD COUNTRY FAIR again! And who is not on the edge of thier seat in anticipation? Who? WEll, besides you.. and you.. and, well, just SHHH!!! Ahem. So, I have 4 peices in the fair this year. I won 5 out of 5 ribbons in the Placer County Fair last month and then totally missed the State fair. Sigh. Maybe next year. Anyway, If you are anywhere near Auburn, California on September 6th -9th, stop by for loads of country fun! there'll be pigs and chickens (really cool chickens) and bunnies and art!
What fun!!
Pictured above is Cuttlefish, a mess kit bowl. The lid is notched for easy carrying of bowl, plate, and fork all at teh same time. The lid comes off to be used as a salad or bread plate! :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Prairiebird, besides having a hard name for me to spell, has oodles of critters in thier shop. Self-titled tree huggers, they offer a generous donation of 10% of sales to Nature Conservancy of Canada. While I haven't seen the actual prairiebird compound, I picture it a scenic area, with trees, birds, bugs and monsters roaming peacfully through the beautiful Canadian countryside, while a nearby artist sketches, sews and photographs the lovelies.
Prairie bird uses as much recycled materials as she can. Wool, leather, acrylic, buttons etc...The materials used would otherwise have gone to a landfill where is would have sat for way longer than it should, encased in garbage. See? You are actually saving the ill-fated materials at the same time that you get fun things for yourself and your cat.
Priarie Bird also has a new website, Please go look at the website and the Etsy shop to view these really cool, highly useful monsters fromt eh priarie bird compound!
And the answers to the monstery questions....

1. Why monsters?

Mostly because they're so fun, what with the many eyes and the big sharp teeth... the decay and the brain eating... the many colours and shapes.

2. Do you have them in cages or are they free-range?

Most of them are so bitey they must be kept in cages, but there are a select few that live free with us.

3. What was your first truly memorable monster experience?

Gremlins. I really love a small but mighty monster.

4. what is your favorite kind of monster?

The kind that are all little and deceptive. They look like they'd make a nice pet until you get closer and they eat your face. Also, monsters with cleverly poor english grammar.

5. what do you like to feed them?

Brains and herbs.

6. who is your role monster?

The rat-monkey from Dead Alive.

Monday, August 13, 2007

3 Lobed eye!!! AAAGGHHH!!!

Well, it is not really THAT scary, but I just got my copy of 3 Lobed Eye in the mail today and you really should check it out. It was released by Legion Press. It ia n annual of short fiction stories by various writers and features 4 visual artists as well. I am one of the srtists..... it is my older photography that you will find in the book. Alas, it is sold out. Makes me sad... but then again people liked it, huh? :)
This is the second book my photography has been featured in, the first was in Volume 6 of Morbid Curiosity.
So why am I telling you this since you can't get it anymore? I dunno, just thought it was a nice book put together by a very nice guy and extra cool coz my photoraphy is in it. :D

my newest monster addition

I listed a new little guy yesterday! I call him Trash Monster

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Devil and Mouse ~ Jewelry and Accessories for the Damned!

Devil and Mouse at Etsy!

Devil and Mouse are creators and purveyors of one of a kind Psycho Goth Punk jewelry and accessories for the Damned. They make pendants, charms and accessories handcrafted from polymer clay in an array of colors which are adorned with handpainted skulls, bats, spiderwebs and darkly romantic artwork. Each piece is individually handcrafted making each piece unique and one of a kind. Visit their shop at:
They also make custom orders. See their catalogue at:

Message from Kim: Thanks for having us at Monster Etsy! I look forward to sharing my new ideas and updates with you. Here are my answers to the all important questions:

1. Why monsters?
Monsters are from a different realm and they make things much more interesting!
2. Do you have them in cages or are they free-range?
The larger ones are in cages so they don't harm my pet budgie. The smaller ones are free-range.
3. What was your first truly memorable monster experience?
Reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I cried.
4. what is your favorite kind of monster?
Monsters with heart.
5. what do you like to feed them?
Whatever their hearts desire...except kittens, puppies and budgies.
6. who is your role monster?
I really like Vlad Dracula (how funny I say this considering my answer to question 4!).

Monday, August 6, 2007

New ACEO by Skeletal Dropkick

I just made a few little art trading cards of monsters and their little friends, some in black and white and the same image colored in with watercolor. They are all original peices of art that are very small , 2.5" x 3.5" and for a very small price, please go check them out!

Trading cards!

New Monster-iffic items!

I just listed a TON of new necklaces in my shop! Check them out!

Dotted With Hearts!

is multipurpose. She can do a bit of everything. What you will find in her shop shows that off. From jewelry to bags to scarves, she got a bit for everyone. When she is not out bustin’chops on skates, she is making cool stuff for YOU to buy. GO check out her psycho-billy, rockabilly, monsterbilly stuff! If you can’t find what you want, just ask her, she can make it!

1. Why montsers?
Because they love me for who i am :)
2. Do you have them in cages or are they free-range?
I like to let my monsters range at their leisure
3. What was your first truly memborable monster experience?
My little girl decided her favorite movie was "little creepers" which also started her love for rockabilly music
4. what is your favorite kind of monster?
Any B-movie horror monster
5. who is your role monster?
Lily Munster

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Who The Heck Are You?

Hello fellow monsters!

skeletaldropkick asked us to "introduce"

Welcome to Wicked Fascinations!
Come inside and join us for the ride!

Wicked Fascinations is a division of Craigers, LLC - a company I started in my brother's name in 2007. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Craig J. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund - created to sponsor a child in the Academy Of The Company Theatre, located in Norwell, MA, where my brother was active in the 1990's. If there's anything left over, I will donate to the Compassionate Friends, who have helped me cope with suddenly being an only sibling.

I make everything myself, except the stained glass pieces which are made by our Dad. I don't really have any one medium that I stick to...I just sort of do whatever pops into my head.

ANYHOO...onward to the important questions...

1. Why montsers?
I have no choice. They live in my head and control my mind.

2. Do you have them in cages or are they free-range?
Silly human...THEY run the show here and are kind enough to let ME out of my cage...long enough to create more minions for them.

3. What was your first truly memborable monster experience?
The come to me constantly in my dreams, so I can't remember them all, but I'm sure it was something pleasantly horrible.

4. what is your favorite kind of monster
The kind that won't eat me! Seriously though, I go back and forth between silly and spooky, though I'm greedy and prefer to have BOTH when I can. :)

5. what do you like to feed them?
anything but myself.

6. who is your role monster?
Vampires and children of the night....what music they make...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Monday will be our first featured artist on the blog!

This monday, Aug. 6th, we will be have our first Artist Feature. The very lovely Dotted With Hearts will the first artist! Expect some mighty monsters and campy fun!

hello fellow monsters

hi my fellow etsymonsters!