Friday, August 24, 2007

A first post introduction.

First of all, thanks Cris for the lovely invite!

Secondly, hi.

I make monsters, as you all may have guessed. I call 'em critters, though. I have a wide-variety of the little guys... and, in some cases, gals. If you like felt, got it. Fleece? Yup. Fur? Oh baby!

I'm currently gearing up for a huge "fall collection." (That makes me feel so designer.) So for the time being, I won't be adding many NEW faces. I'll be basically trying to clear out my current stash of felts and furs and fleeces (oh my!) to make room for my new stuff coming in mid-September. Which means one thing--clearance sales!

My monsters may not be hardcore, but by golly... they make a killer hot cocoa!

Go meet 'em today!

1 comment:

tinaseamonster said...

welcome! your stuff is cute... i mean scary!