Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Fair! The Fair!

Yes, yes. It is time for the GOLD COUNTRY FAIR again! And who is not on the edge of thier seat in anticipation? Who? WEll, besides you.. and you.. and, well, just SHHH!!! Ahem. So, I have 4 peices in the fair this year. I won 5 out of 5 ribbons in the Placer County Fair last month and then totally missed the State fair. Sigh. Maybe next year. Anyway, If you are anywhere near Auburn, California on September 6th -9th, stop by for loads of country fun! there'll be pigs and chickens (really cool chickens) and bunnies and art!
What fun!!
Pictured above is Cuttlefish, a mess kit bowl. The lid is notched for easy carrying of bowl, plate, and fork all at teh same time. The lid comes off to be used as a salad or bread plate! :D

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Lissa said...

Beautiful bowl! Good luck! I'm sure you'll clean up at the fair with all first place ribbons!