Monday, August 13, 2007

3 Lobed eye!!! AAAGGHHH!!!

Well, it is not really THAT scary, but I just got my copy of 3 Lobed Eye in the mail today and you really should check it out. It was released by Legion Press. It ia n annual of short fiction stories by various writers and features 4 visual artists as well. I am one of the srtists..... it is my older photography that you will find in the book. Alas, it is sold out. Makes me sad... but then again people liked it, huh? :)
This is the second book my photography has been featured in, the first was in Volume 6 of Morbid Curiosity.
So why am I telling you this since you can't get it anymore? I dunno, just thought it was a nice book put together by a very nice guy and extra cool coz my photoraphy is in it. :D

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