Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creative Miscellany Contest

I posted this contest on my blog earlier today and thought all my Monster Team members might be interested!

All the details are on my personal blog -- Etsy Heart Contest -- but basically, I want more hearts on Etsy, or for people to become fans on Facebook or to tweet/share/blog about my stuff. Any of these could win you a free small prize. If you do all three things, you'll be put in a grand prize draw for a yet-to-be-sewn, one-of-a-kind Huggitz monster doll -- kinda like the one pictured here.

Cheryl's Creative Miscellany: on Etsy, on Facebook, and More.

Friday, January 29, 2010

New to Team

Hello All!
I'm new to the team, hence, this introductory post. My name is Andrea, like Andrew, not Ondrea, and i like to craft odd creatures. I'm not new to Etsy, but i am new to selling on Etsy. I never know what to say about myself on these introductory posts, so here is my feeble attempt: I'm 28, a Scorpio, and i read a lot. Mostly classic literature. I'd like to be a published writer someday, and perhaps a photographer... and an owner of my own little shoppe or boutique. As of right now i live in TN, but am planning on moving to FL in a few months to be with my fiance. We are hoping to be married shortley thereafter. Of course i am very excited about that! SO, without further ado, here are a few of my monsters, Milli Mumford and Chauncey LaFleur:


Mr. LaFleur

Oh, and, this is Ipswich, almost... I am not very pleased with him at the moment. I think i need to re-do several things and add some legs... maybe four. I am trying to decide if i should sell him or just give him away, since i am not sure if he is "good enough" to sell. Do let me know what you think. Thank you.

Ze shop is (sorry, i can not get links to work)

You can also follow me @ or @


Zodiac Sign: TAURUS


I`m a vigorous and strong Japanese man. I practise weightlifting to take care of my body. I enjoy very much staring at the sea and eating seafood. What I like the most is having a drink while i rest in my Hamahaca Paraguayan close to palms and birds.
I have many friends and I frequently organize social events.
I`m a stubborn guy and I always want to have reason. Nowadays I`m taking Lambada classes with my baby. I live from rents.

 *He is an exclusive one of a kind handcrafted doll. Made with vintage fabrics, stuffing with polyfill and hand embroidery. 
*They are stuffed toys for grown ups. They are not suitable for children. Only for decorative use and to keep you company. Perfect to enjoy life!!

*** *** *** *** ***

**I`m very happy to join you!!!!!
thanks monsters..............
Greetings from Bs As

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skeletaldropkick on twitter..

Did I mention that I ma mostly doing twitter for updates and new items? Well, I am .
Here is my twitter:
And a picture to amuse you.

Kriture - Cute and Silly Scared Creatures in a box

Hey! I'm Marcia GaudĂȘncio, from Portugal. I sculpt creatures and bugs, do digital illustration, graphic design, jewelry, animation, etc :) Kriture is a reason for me to explore art, combining my love for biology, astronomy, design and crafts.
Personally, I like to keep them cute and silly, so you can sketch a smile every time you see one :)

A Kriture is an idea that is stored in a box by a girl, in a dark room, life was created out of those ideas. It's like going back 2 billion years ago, but in another place where Fauna and Flora born for the first time in a surreal world.

Blog posts can have a new step towards their evolution written by their leader, illustrations, news and artist features.

My etsy store:

Thank you so much for including me on etsy monster! :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Win a skull mug from Skeletal Dropkick!

Win one of my skull mugs from the contest at SKull-A-Day! Go to Skull-A-Day (an excellent blog, btw) and enter his contest!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi all...I'm new to the team that is Monster (and glad to be a part of it :}). I make needle-felted creatures and I generally feel that everything is better with tentacles.

My etsy shop is

The more monsters the merrier, so bottoms up and 3 cheers for Monster Etsy!

New Valentine's Day Grimmleighs!

We're not fans of V-Day. Don't get us wrong; a day that celebrates love, and expressing that love to someone you care about is great. We're not big fans of a mandatory express your love with expensive gifts day, though. A simple note, a home-cooked meal, and maybe a hand made expression or two should be all that matters. But, we also know that sometimes there is a little something out there that can say it all, and we want to make sure you know where to get it!

We'll be posting a whole slew of love-struck zombies for this most gooey of holidays, and we're making them a little smaller so you could say, pick up one of these sweet little rotters and still have enough for dinner! Also, they're already dead, so they'll last longer than flowers!

They're hitting the Etsy shop now, and just like every Grimmleigh's Fiend they are completely hand crocheted and hand painted, and no two are ever the same!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, no... they're breeding...

One of the Octopods laid eggs behind my bed last week...
.... which are hatching at an alarming rate...
Luckily they are finding homes fast, for I thought I may have to call Monster Control and have them taken away before I had a cephalopod infestation on my hands...
♥ Gretchen (

Friday, January 1, 2010