Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wearable Monsters and other Artsy Bits of Happiness

Do you worry about the little things?  If so, you may need a monstrous companion to take care of you, and your little things. 

ArtsiBitsi monsters are available in three sizes: small backpacks (for kids and eccentric adults), mini-pouches (for phones and other minimal essentials), and nano charms (for your keys).  

ArtsiBitsi is pleased to be a new member of the Etsy Monster Team.   Check out my store for handy and happy monsters of all colors, shapes and sizes -- including  lots of pink and red monsters for that special person on your Valentine's Day list.  Because nothing says "You're Fangtastic", like a Monster.

Ochibos in time for Valentine's day!

You know, that ancient holiday in which "The boys then sliced the goat's hide into strips, dipped them in the sacrificial blood and took to the streets, gently slapping both women and fields of crops with the goathide strips." ( a now odd and always superstitious effort to raise fertility? What? You don't have a goat? Well, maybe you should settle for giving your loved one an Ochibo instead of smearing them with goat's blood! They are much cuter, far less stinky and have a small ceramic heart in them to declare your love. Do away with superstition, embrace the real world, embrace love :)

Addictive stuff to Krakk up your day!

Hey Monster Team! 
We just wanted to say thank you for accepting our request to join your fab team and contribute to your blog and thus publish our first post. We are new to Etsy and are just taking our first baby steps in getting to know this great community of artists and crafters. 
We specialize in little Krakk monsters and couch parasites. Whether they are big, small, weird or ugly we love them all and hope you will too. They are all handcrafted in Reykjavik, Iceland by 2 awesome chicks that give them all the love and care they need to find a new home and even travel in envelopes and boxes across the sea to greet their new families. 
We are also doing some accessories for the ladies and the guys who dare to wear them. 
We are always trying to add new stuff continously and are currently working on more couch parasites, small and big and a new line of mini plush monsters for your car, your home or wherever you wish to hang them. 
So keep checking us out. 
Here are just a few samples of Krakk monsters that have found loving homes and our new line of couch parasites. 
Thanx again!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to my Micro Circus!


I'm new on Etsy and therefore new here. I'm Karin, French monsters tamer (this IS my job!) and I'm the ringmaster of Le Micro Cirque Rinka . The Cirque Rinka is the happy home of crazy performers and lovely freaks and I'm not responsible for all the things they create and sell on Etsy...

If you are brave enough to visit Le Cirque Rinka, you'll meet my beloved freaks: The ONE-EYED PUSSIES! I started creating them years ago, when I was forced to live catless for a few months... All these kitties can look cute but you shouldn't trust them! They have been raised by weirdos in a yet weirder circus, and trust me: it did damage their brains!

I also sell jewels created by imaginary characters from the circus: CĂ©leste and Colombe the lesbian aerialists, Dante the magician who loves to be chained, Lyouba the Fortune-Teller from Ukraine or Augusta the Shemale ringmaster...

Thanks for welcoming my tribe and myself in your little community and on this blog! =)