Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Devil and Mouse ~ Jewelry and Accessories for the Damned!

Devil and Mouse at Etsy!

Devil and Mouse are creators and purveyors of one of a kind Psycho Goth Punk jewelry and accessories for the Damned. They make pendants, charms and accessories handcrafted from polymer clay in an array of colors which are adorned with handpainted skulls, bats, spiderwebs and darkly romantic artwork. Each piece is individually handcrafted making each piece unique and one of a kind. Visit their shop at: http://devilandmouse.etsy.com
They also make custom orders. See their catalogue at: www.devilandmouse.com

Message from Kim: Thanks for having us at Monster Etsy! I look forward to sharing my new ideas and updates with you. Here are my answers to the all important questions:

1. Why monsters?
Monsters are from a different realm and they make things much more interesting!
2. Do you have them in cages or are they free-range?
The larger ones are in cages so they don't harm my pet budgie. The smaller ones are free-range.
3. What was your first truly memorable monster experience?
Reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I cried.
4. what is your favorite kind of monster?
Monsters with heart.
5. what do you like to feed them?
Whatever their hearts desire...except kittens, puppies and budgies.
6. who is your role monster?
I really like Vlad Dracula (how funny I say this considering my answer to question 4!).

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skeletaldropkick said...

Welcome to the monster palace! I love your post. Thanks!