Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kriture - Cute and Silly Scared Creatures in a box

Hey! I'm Marcia GaudĂȘncio, from Portugal. I sculpt creatures and bugs, do digital illustration, graphic design, jewelry, animation, etc :) Kriture is a reason for me to explore art, combining my love for biology, astronomy, design and crafts.
Personally, I like to keep them cute and silly, so you can sketch a smile every time you see one :)

A Kriture is an idea that is stored in a box by a girl, in a dark room, life was created out of those ideas. It's like going back 2 billion years ago, but in another place where Fauna and Flora born for the first time in a surreal world.

Blog posts can have a new step towards their evolution written by their leader, illustrations, news and artist features.

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Thank you so much for including me on etsy monster! :D


skeletaldropkick said...

your little guys are way cute. I love the enamel necklaces :)

Cheryl said...

Love your work! Welcome to the team.