Friday, January 29, 2010


Zodiac Sign: TAURUS


I`m a vigorous and strong Japanese man. I practise weightlifting to take care of my body. I enjoy very much staring at the sea and eating seafood. What I like the most is having a drink while i rest in my Hamahaca Paraguayan close to palms and birds.
I have many friends and I frequently organize social events.
I`m a stubborn guy and I always want to have reason. Nowadays I`m taking Lambada classes with my baby. I live from rents.

 *He is an exclusive one of a kind handcrafted doll. Made with vintage fabrics, stuffing with polyfill and hand embroidery. 
*They are stuffed toys for grown ups. They are not suitable for children. Only for decorative use and to keep you company. Perfect to enjoy life!!

*** *** *** *** ***

**I`m very happy to join you!!!!!
thanks monsters..............
Greetings from Bs As

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