Friday, June 13, 2008

New Rage set available, Rainfall

I just finished up work on the latest set for the Rage collectible card game, which features werewolves and other monsters battling evil. Not only do I have a piece in this set, I also did all the art direction and layout.

You can download Rainfall as a PDF for free.

The piece I did for the set, "Duck and Cover":
Duck and Cover

The original art is available in my Etsy store.

And I worked with 8 other talented artists! Format is name and the card they did.
Tallulah Cunningham - Bastet Gossip Network
Sandara Tang- Prove Your Strength!
Natasha Perera- Perfect Cover
Amanda “Hyena” Johnson- Scavenger’s Quest
Wes Jones- Death of Black Tooth
Cathey Osborne
- Whiplash
Kelly Bedson- Primal Anger
David “Mutley” James
- Okavango Mists

You can learn more about Rage at River Von.

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