Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hi from Ranzangel, Monster Maker

Hello Monster Etsy community! Skeletaldropkick was so kind to welcome me as a new member. I think I'll let my art do much of the talking for now, and you can find out more by poking around my shop and blog.

Here's a charming alien I made recently:

and a lovely Robot Snowman Penguin:

I would love to hear ANY and ALL feedback and thoughts you have about these pieces and the others in my shop. I am always looking to improve the way I make, show and promote these items.

I have been enjoying this blog and am proud to be a part of it! Looking forward to more monsters yet to come.



sawdust bear said...

i love your sculptures! i generally fail at getting polymer clay to come out translucent.

Ang said...

sawdust bear, the trick with that is mixing only a wee bit of color into the translucent clay, using mostly translucent. At least this is how it works with fimo soft.