Monday, April 5, 2010

whats your favorite food?

I looooveee Vietnamese food. I don't usually go out to eat Viet food because both of my parents are amazing cooks. :D Since I was a kid, I've been fed yummy authentic Vietnamese food and so my standard for Viet food is pretty high. Haha. There are a couple places in OC that I really like. There are a couple Viet places in SB too. They're not bad but I wouldn't eat there if I have other options. (Shhh!)

I love Pho, both beef and chicken. :D My idea of good Pho is that the broth has to be clear but still flavorful and the noodles are neither too hard nor too soft. Even Pho places at home tend to mess up one or the other so I usually just get my parents to cook it for me. :D I also like Com Tam from Thuan Kieu (on Brookhurst) and Mi Quang from Lien Hue (on Euclid). My mom makes amazing Bun Mam, but not many people can eat it though because, if you're not used to it, it's super stinky. Haha.

I go to K-BBQ places a lot but only because I love their condiments. :D <3 Cham Soot Gol.

If you get a chance to visit SB, I would suggest Duck Curry from Pattaya (Goleta) and Tostada & Quesadillas from Free Birds (IV). Haha. Those always hit the spot.

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