Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My first post!

Hey i'm the new guy!

skull bunny paradeSkull Bunnies are coming your way!
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While awaiting the arrival of your new pal, you may choose to prepare for him. Here's a handy list of things you can do:

1.) Be sure to have a dark spot for him to hide in when he's feeling shy.

2.) Also, provide him with a nice sunny spot to frolick in when he's feeling peppy. You should also remember that he will only frolick when he's alone, so the sunny spot should be left attended for one half-to one hour per day.

3.) Provide a green plant (plastic or real) to recreate his natural habitat. HOWEVER, IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED AGAINST PLACING YOUR SKULL BUNNY IN A MAYONNAISE JAR. Please resist the urge to contain his cuteness. He will thank you for it.

4.) Stop vacuuming underneath your bed. Your Skull Bunny will roam late at night, scouring your home for cookie crumbs (which are his sole source of sustinance.) Also, if you do not eat cookies near or in your bed, you should begin this practice 1-2 days prior to your Skull Bunny's arrival.

Taking these steps will ensure you and your Skull Bunny have a happy, harmoniously spooky life together!

oh and beware of the mega bunny. 3 feet of squishy spooky goodness.

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