Monday, November 24, 2008

OCHIBOS! (Oh-chee-bohs)

From what I can gather, Ochibos are actually trying to take over our world and help us out a bit. They plan on making their way into politics based on their cuteness (Hey, people vote for worse reasons than that). Once in political control, they will enact peace upon the world and begin to solve our social problems starting with education. From there the plan gets very, very secret and they won't even tell me what they want to do next. I do know that they are very altruistic in nature and have a strong sense of duty to scientific advancement. I often hear them talking about various cures they will be able to share with us once our technology catches up their own.
Don't let their cuteness fool you, these little guys are super smart and super empathetic and have it out to make our world better. Here is hoping they succeed.

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Ang said...

They are so cute! So glad they've come to make our world a better one. :)