Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Huggitz

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Phew! I made it through the craft fair season and found several more Huggitz monsters new homes. I've also started to accept custom orders -- this one, Tabitha Huggitz, is for my niece who is in ballet -- so watch for a full announcement in the Spring when I launch the custom line. In the meantime, my regular line of one-of-a-kind misfit monsters can be found in my Etsy shop along with the Mini-Huggitz line and the very affordable Little Sock Monsters.

Happy Holidays from Cheryl's Creative Miscellany!

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Ang said...

Hey there! I've been a fan of your work for some time, since putting one of your aceos in a treasury on etsy.

I recently joined the monster etsy team, and am glad to see your post here.

I especially like this one in your shop:

Happy Holidays!